Off The Cuff – Week 3

What up DFS/Season Longers?!?!

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Now that the mushy stuff is done…

WTH was up with NFL Week 2?!?! 

MAMA MIA!!!  So many injuries, so many busts and SO MANY SLEEPERS SHINING!  I hinted at a few of them in my week 2 article. Gabbert vs Carolina and Flacco vs Cleveland to name a couple. My family at Fantasy Forecast knows me LOL, I respect the numbers, but as you, the readers know by now…I DON’T CARE about them. This game is played by athletes, not numbers. Intangibles will always play a major factor in football. Chemistry, how people play, weaknesses and ton of other shit, is what I KNOW.

So, where to aim this week?!?!? I like what I’m seeing for this slate. Due to all of these huuuuuge injuries, it’s time for the “little guys” to step up and shine.  From where I’m sitting, The TEXANS are in a prime spot to make some noise! Hope you picked FULLER up on your waiver wires. Though I’m not an OSWEILER fan, I can’t knock the match up. With that said , let’s get into my Sleepers and Picks!

Obvious Plays

Eli/Shepard/Vereen vs Washington, Cousins/Jackson/Reed vs Giants D,

Bortles/Robinson/Thomas vs Ravens D, Rodgers/Nelson vs Lions D

Ryan/Jones/Sanu vs Saints D, Brees/Cook/Snead vs. Falcons D

Zito’s Picks

Murray/Richard vs Titans D – Titans defend the pass well, so this Raider monster O-Line will have to plow through a weaker Titans front.

Cam/Olsen/Benjamin vs Vikings D – Yes, I know The Vikings are hot, Skoooooool Vikings and all that good shit, but Benjamin is back! You heard me? I SAID BENJAMIN IS BACK BAY BAY!!!!!!  Olsen is always a go in my book, and Cam is hungry. I think Cam has leveled up progression wise, and is poised to toss 310 and 3TDs.

Dak/Elliot/Bryant/Beasley/Bailey vs Bears D – Because The Cowboys have one of the most explosive O’s in he NFL against a lack luster Chicago D.

WE ALSO FUCKING SUCK in the secondary…SO…

Zito’s Sleepers

Cutler/Jefferey/White vs Cowboys D – Yea I said it! And what? LOL. We couldn’t stop a toddler on a Tonka truck secondary wise. So if he gun slinging Cutler shows up, LOOK FOR A SLEEPER SHOOTOUT;

Gabbert/Kerley/Streater/Smith vs Seattle D – IDK WTF is up with Seattle. They’re D is playing like complete shit. They’re not reading how they normally do , and are really slow off the ball. It’s weird!

Defense Spotlight

This week look for the Steelers D to make some noise against the Eagles.

Outside of that:




Are my favorites

Sleeper D


Yea, I’m going to “die on my shield” about how good they are. I don’t care what the damn numbers say. EYE TEST says, they are a game or 2 out of locking in!

Alllllllright, that does it for me for week 3 my people.Good luck in all your contests!

I’ll catch y’all on the flip-flop



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