Off The Cuff – Week 2

What up DFS/Season Longers!

Good God … Football is baaaaack bay bay!!

I hope you all did well. Me personally, on Sunday only slates I cashed 3/4 $5 double ups and 3/3,  $1 50/50s.

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Now that we got all he “PC” shit out of the way … Let’s talk week 2, shall we?

In week one I made reference to 2 of the best O-Lines in the NFL, The Raiders and Cowboys.

The Raiders O-Line gave Carr beautiful pockets of time to shoot it out with a 1st ballot future hall of fame QB, Drew Brees. I also said Murray was no longer a sleeper, and the day belonged to Jalen Richard. He had 3 carries for 84 yards and 1 TD.

I also talked about the Cowboys O-Line, which gave Rookie QB, Dak Prescott,  beautiful pockets of time, to have quite the debut, even in a loss.

Week 2 … Shine or Flop?

My Cowboys secondary is fucking awful heading into a game against Mr. #YouLikeThat , Kirk Cousins. Do I really have to sit here and remind you that he owned us last year? That he came in and punched us in the mouth, and just sat our asses in the corner with the dunce hat. Ok … So it’s obvious isn’t it? Captain Kirk, is a lock for week 2! At the same time, so is quite possibly a sleep stack of RBs. YES…I’m talking about Elliot and Morris. Morris is going to want to trample his former team, and Zeke, will be “looking for reveeeeeenge”, On that Skins D. LOL

I mean, let’s keep it 1,000 here … The Skins can’t stop the run, and for what it’s worth … can NOT stop the pass. So look for Dez, Cole, Witten and T. Willy to show their ass as well.

AGAIN … Josh Norman is TRASH without help. Watch what the Steelers do to him.

*Obvious DFS Plays *

Cam vs 49ERS D, Flacco vs Browns D, Brees vs Giants D, Manning vs Saints D, Wentz vs Bears D, Carr vs Falcons D.

*Zito’s Picks*

Bortles/Robinson vs Chargers D, Gabbert vs Carolina D, Dalton/Green vs Steelers D, Dak/Beasley/Bryant/Witten.Bailey vs Skins D.

*Zito’s Sleeper*

Smith/Ware/Maclin vs Texans D  , Why? Cushing is out now for 2 months with a sprained MCL. Watt doesn’t look healthy to me. IDC about the numbers or projections. Clowney and Wilfork will have to carry the load and Wilfork, gets spelled a lot. So with that formula, Ware will feast. Maclin the GOAT lol,  will show out.


Pay attention to the waiver wire. Everybody is insane and cutting quality players left and right. Here are some of my picks to pick up!

Brandon Lafell – Bengals

Jalen Richard – Raiders

Terrence Williams – Cowboys

Raiders Defense

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Numbers don’t run…numbers don’t pass.

PLAYERS do … and I know Players.




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