Off The Cuff – Week 1


What up DFSers?

Today is Monday the 5th of September 2016. That means we are 3 days away from NFL awesomeness bombarding our TV’s, Tablets and Smartphones. I absolutely love this time of year.

Enough of the gooey shit. Let’s get down to it, shall we?

Listen, I love all my DFS family, but as I tell my guy Joe over at Fantasy Forecast, the numbers are all cool, but they aren’t everything. Case in point, If you drafted all WRs in you league, kiss it goodbye. Football is a game predicated on power playing. Control the clock, control the game. Only way to do that, RUN the ball. 

With that said, two teams will sit nice as far as power football is concerned. Two teams with UGLY O-Lines that will be the toast of the town. I’m talking about the Oakland Raiders and the Dallas Cowboys. If you drafted RBs from these teams…PREPARE TO FEAST. Murray from Oakland is no longer a sleeper pick; he was making noise without a line. NOW, it’s going to get real in the field, with a run game to tout, and let us not forget about Mr. Carr at QB, Mr. Cooper, Mr. Holton and Mr. Crabtree at WR. That O-Line now gives Carr time to dissect even more!

I’m getting antsy just thinking about it.

As a resident Cowboys fan some would DQ my opinion of my squad. If you do, SHAME on you. I keep it 98 + 2 about my team.

We have one of the best O-Lines … Fact
We have the #1 rookie RB … Fact
We have one of the best WRs … Fact
We have a suspect 2ndary … Fact
We have no pass rush … Fact
We have an idiot for an owner … FACT
Romo needs to retire … SUPER FACT

See my objectivity? LOL

With that said let’s be real…We can put numbers on the board, but until our weed smoking pass rushers come back…we are going to suffer in stopping the run and pass a tad.

But still…We will win the NFC East.
The Giants D, has not clicked yet and SPOILER ALERT … Eli will have a shitty year. He’s got nervous eyes , and IDKY.  The Eagles are retooling and the Skins…are the Skins. NO…I do not buy Josh Norman as a beast. He’s good, WITH HELP. 1 on 1, he will get EXPOSED.

Back to my original point. No Run game, it will be extremely hard to win.

THIS… I promise you.

Outside of the 2 teams mentioned above, I also like the position Matt Forte is in. We all know in Chicago, he was getting it DONE! Now with the Jets, I look for him to EAT as well.

My sleeper though…Is Derrick Henry!

I do not believe that DeMarco Murray is in the correct system AGAIN in Tennessee. I think they’ll stick to grabbing chunks of yards via the air, and send Henry in to bulldoze the goal line, and since those TD points matter so much…Henry will become a savage and BIG player in DFS. OF COURSE … due to his size and speed, if he gets loose…He has tremendous upside.

I respect the numbers guys, but this is straight eye test and knowing the game from a player and scouting point of view. I can read any defense fresh out the huddle, call any audible, and most importantly…I know the schematics of both sides of the ball.

If you need any advice of whom to play or who to fade…YOU LET ME KNOW. I will give you what the numbers can’t … a real eye and point of view. Not a projected probability.

That does is for the first #OffTheCuff article. See you week 1!!!


Johnny Espizito

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