GPP Advice for Tuesday 8/23

Whatsup guys?! Hopefully my first article yesterday helped you guys out, as I did well in tournaments last night. I am gone all day but writing this quick so it won’t be broken down like yesterdays. I’ll have a full article again tomorrow. Here are some of my gpp plays I like tonight.


Joe Musgrove @ Pit $6500


Gary Sanchez @ Sea $2800

His price actually went down $100 after last night. Go home Fanduel you’re drunk. I also LOVE Russell Martin tonight and suggest using BOTH of these guys tonight in different lineups!

First Base

Freddie Freeman @ Ari $3800

Second Base

Dee Gordon vs KC $3300

Third Base

Josh Donaldson vs LAA $4200

Anytime Donaldson faces a lefty he must be considered. I like all Toronto hitters today in general, but Donaldson is my Home run call of the day as I go for two straight.


Javier Baez @SDP $2700

Way too cheap, especially vs a LHP thats not good tonight.


Alex Gordon @ MIA $2800

Hes on fire and very affordable.

Any Rockies outfielders are fine to play tonight too.

Hope this short article helps you guys out tonight!

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