NFL Preseason DFS Tips

The NFL is finally back!!!! Well, kind of. As you guys may know, NFL preseason starts back up later this week (thanks to the paint job on Sunday.) This means that NFL DFS is back on DraftKings! NFL Preseason DFS is a very tricky sport to win consistent money in, but if you get the hang of all the research, you can really build up your bankroll!

In this article, I will not be giving my picks for Thursday. Instead, I will share my tips on how to get an upper-edge on the playing field for NFL preseason. After this reading, hopefully you guys will know how to do all the research yourself! I will most likely be writing another article closer to game day with my picks, just in case. Well without further ado, lets get started!

1. Minutes = Money!!

“Minutes = Money” is one of my favorite DFS sayings. Opportunity is everything in DFS but even more so in preseason DFS. As you may already know, teams rarely play their starters more than a quarter in the first preseason game. This means that the majority of the minutes are going to go to the backups. THESE are the guys you want to target. Since every player costs the same exact amount of money, a lot of the beginners will shoot for the stud starters on each team. This is NOT what you want to do. Sure, talent and the matchup matters, but Minutes = Money!! The backups will play the majority of the minutes, especially in the first game.

2. Keep an eye on depth charts!

This also goes along with “Minutes = Money” because depth charts will give you an idea who will play. Like I’ve already mentioned, the average starter for most teams will play AT THE MOST 1 quarter this weekend, if that. You want to try to target guys that will be backups or fighting for a position. These guys will virtually get the most minutes which means they’ll usually get the most touches. Another use of the depth chart is you can see who is injured. I’ll give you a quick example. If you go look at the Eagles depth chart, you will see that both Ryan Matthews and Wendell Smallwood are both out Thursday. That just leaves them with Darren Sproles, Kenjon Barner, and Cedric O’Neal available at the RB position. They know what they are going to get out of Sproles since he is a proven vet, so he will not play much. That just leaves 2 backs getting the majority of the minutes/touches. Barner is the obvious chalk play this week because of this. (I just gave you one of my picks!) 

3. Follow team beat-writers on Twitter.

This point might seem a little odd, but it is actually pretty important if you are doing your own research. Team beat-writers are at almost every practice and camp that a team holds. They usually share a lot of information on twitter, like who is playing/not playing or who has been playing well/not well in practice. This is very important, because again, MINUTES = MONEY! If a beat-writer talks about how a guy is killing it in practice, he may get a lot of targets/touches in the game. THESE are the guys you want to target!!!

4. Keep an eye on who is not playing.

This tip seems very, very cliche but it is very important! Obviously, if you have been grinding with us in MLB DFS this year, then you are used to checking the starting lineups before lock time. This is even more important in NFL Preseason DFS. Like I’ve mentioned a few times, a lot of starters rarely play, if at all. You don’t want to be rostering Antonio Brown if he’s not even playing that day. This may seem like the easiest tip ever, but you will be very surprised to see how many people end up falling in this pit. They roster some of the stud guys that end up sitting. THIS is where you get a step ahead of the rest of the players. Don’t take a 0!!!!


These are 4 very basic, but very important tips that you will need to use in order to succeed in NFL preseason DFS. There is money to be made in this sport. I promise you a lot of people will not be willing to do the research needed and we will be a step ahead because of it! Just remember that MINUTES = MONEY! Obviously talent and matchup do matter, but I’m assuming you guys already know that stuff. I would advise you to follow Seth Yates (@SethayatesDFS) as there a few guys who do the research like he does. Look out for my picks later this week and lets win some money this year!!

(I gave you two picks already. Both very chalky and cash game musts. The featured photo is going to be my starting QB, Jimmy Garoppolo, and then do not fade Kenjon Barner.)

If you have any comments or questions, shoot me a question on twitter – @breeden_bryce.



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